Safety Chuck

Safety Chuck

Standard Feature

Safety Chuck

Locking Assembly

Krishna Engineering Works, a manufacturer of Safety Chuck (Locking Assembly) in various textiles industries. All type of Safety Chucks for different Rubber Roller, Industrial Rollers in Technical Textile Machinery, Tyre cord machinery spare parts. Safety Chucks Manufacturer, exporter for heavy duty processing different type of machinery, We have different type of BOPP Tape Slitting Macihne Manufacturer

Following sizes available: 

  • 25mm size square shaft
  • 32mm size square shaft
  • 38mm size square shaft
  • 40mm size square shaft
  • 75mm size square shaft
  • 90mm size square shaft
  • Other sizes as per your requirement

Technical Specification

  • Accurate Air Turner Bar Systems are designed and manufactured to suit customers’ particular application. So, There are six sizes for 90° entry or 180° turnover, with web widths ranging from 100mm to 3 meters, for horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Our units are built as freestanding or bolt-on modules, complete with leveling braces and bolting down holes. They are designed to suit existing machine and site conditions.
  • That framework is rectangular hollow section with specialized corner bracing incorporating the fine adjustment mechanism and mounting for the Turner Bars.
  • Bars are tubular steel with bell mouth air holes, ground, polished and hard chrome plated. Air blow creates an air film assist to the bar.
  • By choosing appropriate mounting positions, a variety of configurations can be obtained to enable a choice of entry and exit requirements.
  • Path rollers are normally aluminum, statically or dynamically balanced.
  • Air for flotation requires 5 CFM per 100mm web width at 10ins to 18ins W.G. depending on web tensions.
  • Fans direct mounted on each Turner Bar can be supplied at the time of manufacture (option). For narrow web widths and special applications air flotation holes can be reduced for using compressed air or arranged as required.


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